Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


First things first...My last post was a bit brash. I have been swamped at work, and dealing with coworkers acting like they're 15 years old. I used to work in an ugly environment, and what I deeply appreciate about my current company/position is I thought they were different...well, it turns out one person is VERY juvenile, and felt the need to spread very nasty rumors about me to other coworkers... so when I was busting my ass at work, I had to deal with a copious amount of frustration towards this ugly behavior. I've dealt with it. It's squashed. My professional life can return to normal (I hope!).

Onto bigger and better things...right?

My family is coming over this Tuesday for my own personal version of a festivus party. I ran to the grocery store tonight, and the menu I've planned only set me back $75. I think I did a pretty darn good job.

I have been swaying back and forth on my menu. Thanks for all of your awesome ideas. For whatever crazy reason, I settled on making a yankee pot roast with carrots, and serving cheesy hash browns. I also picked up some spinach dip and Hawaiian sweet bread, some candies for an awesome new candy dish I had received from a coworker, and I have a few cheeses to cut up and serve with crackers. I'm suppling some diet coke, sprite, Pepsi, milk and eggnog (which will be served with the option to spike it with rum). I also have three bottles of red wine and a bottle of white on hand. That combined with a pot of coffee should be enough to appease the crowd.

I feel like I have a million things to do before the 23rd. I'm very thankful I am done with work at noon that day!! Yes, I'm being a baby...but here's my list (and I'm holding myself to it.

do the dishes
declutter my kitchen
move cleaning supplies under the sink
declutter and clean my bathroom
put away clothes in room
do three loads and put them away
reorganize my room
declutter my desk
swap where my book shelf and dresser are
move my old living room tv to my room
move my old dvd player and vhs player to my room
throw out new tv box
declutter my living room end tables
figure out a way to move my blue ray player into my tv stand
cut up cheese
wrap gifts for the kids
wrap xmas presents in general (since little man will be home all day on Wednesday, and I won't have time to wrap on Tuesday night because of the party)

Damn, why am I even blogging right now? Oh yeah, it's because I'm the worlds BIGGEST PROCRASTINATOR! At least I have the grocery shopping done. I've also taken a moment to clean out my fridge...but now it's time for me to take out the trash, and start crossing things off of my list. Looks like there's a lot waiting for me in my future!!

Happy Holidays..and if you're bored you're MORE THAN WELCOME to come over and help me cross things off of my list!! :)


  1. Dude thats a whole lot of stuff to do in one afternoon. I would just pile everything into one room and shut the door. :-) Your menu sounds great. What time should I be there? (For dinner I mean, not cleaning, I need some help in that area myself.)

  2. Seriously, I'm off work for two weeks, so I'd definitely be there if only it weren't a plane ride away. I'm with Mandy, put everything in a closet or in your bedroom... which is off limits of course! Good luck, take pictures, and if it comes to feats of strength or airing of the grievances, can you set up a web cam or take plenty of pics? :-)