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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Entitlement. Where does one develop such a thing? I suppose if you are the entitled, life is pretty darn good...but if you don't feel entitled then WHOA BOY watch out.

This morning I stopped into a small cafe to pick up a cup of joe and some milk for my breakfast. While at the checkout line I witnessed an entitled bizzo walk in, and snap at the guys working behind the counter. Now, I'm not close with the guys who work in this cafe, but I know they work darn hard, and that english is completely and totally their second language (props to them...because I ONLY know english...I digress).

See, when the woman approached the counter, they politely asked her what they could get for her...and that's when it happened. She rudely exclaimed "I order the SAME THING EVERY TIME I COME IN HERE....don't ask ME what I want"...then traipsed away.

I exchanged a WTF glance with the guys behind the counter.

This woman had SO MANY different ways of expressing that she wanted them to make "her usual"...and also didn't take a single second to realize that she wasn't THE ONLY PERSON who walked into the cafe around 7:30am and ordered breakfast.

Do I feel entitled? Not in the least. I am a person who deserves respect, sure...every one deserves respect.


  1. Oh I hate crap like this. I just witnessed it at the airport yesterday. That woman will get what she deserves some day.

  2. People like that woman truly deserve to be hit upside the head. I can't stand rude, ignorant people like that.