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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, the places I'll go...

An awesome blogger friend posted a map of the states she has visited. It was a pretty full map....mine, on the other hand, is QUITE empty!

States I've Visited:

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I've pretty much stuck to the midwest, only traveling out of the midwest a handful of times (mostly by plane).

I think I want to take a road trip next summer. I don't know where I'll go, and I'll definitely be bringing little man with...but I know I'm going to go somewhere!! Any suggestions?

Also, for you more seasoned travelers....How much time should I take off of work, and approximately how much money should I have saved? As you can tell, I'm completely clueless!! Any parents out there who would know of a great road trip destination with a four year old?

Ideally, I'll plan the trip around another company holiday so I won't have to use ALL of my vacay days...


  1. wtf....why is my map cutoff?? case you're curious, I've only visited NY on the east coast...and Florida and Georgia in the south...Go me.

  2. I noticed MI isn't red. So ya know, you could always visit an awesome blogger friend there...

    As for roadtripping, Mike and I did our cross-country road trip for under $1000. We didn't have to pay for gas (so keep that in mind), but for seven nights lodging, all our food, park entrance fees, etc., it was less than $1000 for two people. Not bad I'd say.