Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Three Tid Bits

A few things have happened to me as of late.

1) The internet reared an ugly, dark side to me. A side with which I hope to never see again. In a nutshell, I had been speaking with a guy from an internet dating website. There was something about our interaction that sent off red flags in my stomach. Instead of approaching this feeling, and cutting things off, I stopped emailing him. I didn't believe I needed to invest anymore time into something that was going nowhere fast (not the nicest thing in the world to do, I know). Well, he didn't appreciate that too much, and started sending me multiple emails that included text like "a;lkjfa;lskhfj;alsh, thanks". After about the sixth email, I politely responded by saying stop effing emailing me freak, I'm not interested "I would appreciate it if you stopped emailing me. I am not interested at this point in time, but best of luck in your search."
WELL...he didn't take my response like I had hoped. Instead he replied with: "rotflmao nice apt complex." UM.....CREEPY! I did a little bit of internet investigating, and removed as much private content on the internet about me as I could find. I'm sure someone could still "find me" if they wanted to...but if I spend all of my time worrying about the worst, how would I be able to enjoy myself?

2) My dreams last night were effed up. The first entailed a vision of my father shooting himself in the head (WTF?!) and the second was about me meeting an amazing man who was completely head over heels for me, but about an inch shorter than me.
Yeah...Um.....enough with the crazy dreams self...alright?!

3) I sprained my ankle a week ago, and it's making me feel old. Growing up as an athlete, I've sprained my ankles a couple of times....they always healed rather quickly, and I moved on. This For the first time, my foot is actually swollen. Like puffy, water retaining swollen (gag me now). Thankfully it doesn't hurt to walk on it! I'm doing my best to keep it elevated, and am seriously considering starting myself on a diet of Advil to help keep the swelling down. Somethings gotta give!!


  1. Eeeek! Be careful okay? That guy sounds like a freak.

  2. I agree. I hope the guy leaves you alone. I also hope your ankle feels better.

  3. Thanks ladies! Hopefully I've heard the last from him...but if he comes around again, I'll be sure to keep ya informed!!!