Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking Monotony

I feel as if my life is in a bit of a groundhogs day slump. Monday through Friday, I wake up, get myself dressed, get little man up and on track to get dressed, apply makeup and attempt to make my hair presentable, continue to beg little man to get dressed, threaten little man that I'm going to leave without him if he doesn't get dressed, plead for little man to get dressed, race out the door to work, spend time at work conquering one task after another (yes, I'm a rockstar), race to pick little man up from daycare, quickly brainstorm a dinner idea, follow through with said dinner idea (have I bored you to sleep yet?!?!), bicker with little man about bed time, then proceed to melt into the couch in a pathetic attempt at unwinding and clearing my brain.

Does that "schedule" sound as gross to you as it does to me?

The catch-22 is I love my life, the company I work for, where I live, and my son. Love, love, love. I'm fortunate that I love all of these things...but I still feel like I'm stuck in a boring monotonous rut. I need to break free, switch things up a little...preferably with things that are low-no cost.

My geeked out garden has been a great distraction...Gardening is solitary. I'm a social bug, and recharge by communicating with other people.

Any suggestions?

I'm tempted to try and take a random half day, grab a cup of coffee out in the sun, mentally debug my head, and possibly tackle some much needed and long overdue laundry. Maybe that will free up some of my funkiness (?)


  1. Monotony is the story of my life. If you figure out how to get out of the funk let me know!

  2. Join a bookclub? Find some outdoor festivals or fairs and take little man and some friends? Take a weekend day trip to Stillwater? Take an art class? I'm out of ideas.

  3. Sky - I'm really thinking taking a secretive half day at work will help out...I struggle with not having "me time" since I'm at the office 45 hours a week, and am a single mom when I'm not working. My hopes are I'll feel refreshed and ready to go if I devote a few hours one afternoon to myself...I'll let you know if it works!!

    Cheryl - Great ideas! I'll see if I can fit any of those things into my schedule!

  4. UPDATE! While my monotonous schedule is still ever present, little man and I went to the sculpture garden at the walker this past weekend. It was peaceful, free, and a fun activity during an off-day.

    plus, who wouldn't have fun looking at a giant cherry on a spoon?!