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Friday, November 20, 2009

It's that time of year...

KDWB Christmas Wish Season!!!

If you don't remember what happened last year, you can catch up here.

Since I'm fairly certain the link won't be clicked, here's what happened (in a nutshell).

KDWB, a local pop radio station, grants people going through tough times a Christmas wish. I took a chance, and submitted a friend of mine to have a KDWB Christmas Wish granted. She was a teacher at a local school, and had mentioned how the kids in her classroom came from tough homes, some without socks or beds to sleep in. I filled out the KDWB form and was extremely surprised when their office contacted me to say my friend's Christmas wish was going to be granted. Many many MANY tears were shed. It was a truly awesome experience, and I am so thankful my friend brought the needs of her school kids to my attention, and that my wish submission was chosen.


After hearing all of the hub-bub about the Christmas wish I had granted for my friend, a person came up to me and said "I thought about submitting a Christmas wish for you and little man...I just didn't know how you'd think about it, so I didn't."

I was completely shocked.

I will be the first person to tell you that children are EX-PEN-SIVE. I know I've had moments of (what felt like) extreme struggle. Yes, my lights have been turned off (and were turned back on a day later). Yes, there was one Christmas that a last minute gift card from an uncle (which I should've saved for myself) allowed me to buy Christmas gifts for my niece and son. Sure, there have been times where I was uneasy about my rent check going through, or if I could afford to pay for little man's daycare.

With all of the struggles that I've been through, I've survived. I feel like I've come out of my struggles as "on-top of things" as I possibly could have. Never, while going through my struggles to survive as a single parent, did I think I'd be qualified to receive a Christmas wish. As grateful and honored as I am that the thought crossed someones mind, I'm also grateful for those with deeper struggles than my own who were afforded a Christmas "miracle."


How do the holidays look for me this year?

Not good, but not bad.

With having to take little man to the ER, missing seven days of work in three weeks due to little man's illness (and catching the crud myself), AND having to foot a hefty dental bill within a couple of weeks before Christmas...Sure, things could be better....

But people, they are nowhere NEAR bad.

I'm healthy.
Little man is healthy.
We've got a warm place to sleep (and the lights are ON).
We've got food in our cupboards.
We've got each other.
We've got friends.
We've got family.
We've got a Christmas tree that WILL go up (the day after thanksgiving).

Is there really much more I need this holiday season?

I don't think so.

Happy holidays everyone.