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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I See The Light

Just over two years ago, I started at my present company. At the time, I found out the health insurance of my current company was DIFFERENT than what I was previously accustomed to. At that very moment, my heart shattered into a million pieces.

See, I had been taking little man to the same clinic that I had gone to since I was a baby. I was familiar with their policies and procedures. The clinic felt like an extended family.

I was under the impression my favorite clinic ONLY accepted my former health insurance. Boohoo, litereally.

I have gone for two years (+) taking little man to various Minute-Clinic's for an ear infection or other miscellaneous illnesses. I broke down last winter, and tried out a pediatric office that was in-network....and wasn't impressed. It felt like a pediatric patient-factory. In and out, without much attention to personal details, not to mention, it was a HIKE to get to.

Recently, I discovered a small clinic close to my home. Little man wasn't due for a physical, so I hadn't fully assessed if they would be a fit for my #1 three year old (as well as his overprotective, semi-hypochondriac of a It wasn't until he spiked a high fever last week that I took little man to this clinic. Let me tell you, it was a HORRIBLE experience (one which I'll share another time).

I was once told that you can (and should) only try and manage one change at a time. So, my blogging friends, today was the day I decided to call my insurance to get to the bottom of my issue: Could I take little man to his old clinic...or not?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I should've made this call TWO YEARS AGO....but I was handling so much and blah blah blah, whatevs. The point is, I called today...spoke to a lovely lady named Brooke.


I literally teared up on the phone. I consider this my first holidy miracle of 2009.


  1. Yay! The heathcare system is so screwed up, I am glad that you are able to get back to the facility you really loved.

  2. I don't have kids, so I don't know, but I can tell this is really good news for you. Yay!

  3. Mandy - I totally agree.

    Shan - Think of it in terms of your kitty. Let's say you were taking him to a vet that was AWESOME, and then one day you were told you couldn't take him there anymore....and every place you tried after that SUCKED. You check back with your old Vet, and POOF! You can take him back to your favorite spot.
    You hit the nail on the head, this is REALLY GOOD news for me!!!!!