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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Remembering 8.01.2007

Driving into work this morning, I found myself taking a route I've only taken once before. The sun was shining, and the traffic was moving along beautifully (might I add, there's rarely a more frustrating way to start your day than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, I digress).

As I drove over a bridge, I glanced down at the river. The river's current reminded me how serene yet powerful rivers can be. I looked up, and saw a traffic sign indicating a lane closure on the next highway I was about to enter, and then boom. No, people, I wasn't in an accident. I was hit with a flashback.

Almost three years ago, the 35W bridge collapsed. I was sitting at a bar a block away from the scene, preparing to go to the twins game with a few friends. The moment we had realized what happened, my heart dropped into my stomach. 35W had turned into a sight one only wishes they see in the movies, however, on August 1st of 2007, the devastation was a reality in Minneapolis.

Black smoke was billowing into the sky, and an eerie silence blanketed the area (well, aside from all of the sirens...but even then, the sirens felt silent). Cell phone lines were bogged down from the number of people trying to reach loved ones to make sure they were alright. Millions of hands were held over mouths in disbelief across Minnesota, and the world.

The rest of the night was a blur, and the only positive feeling that evening was when I was reconnected with little man, who had been watched by a friend of mine while I was supposed to be at the twins game.

The bridge was reconstructed in (what feels like) record time.

I've driven over the new bridge a handful of times since its rebirth, but for me, today was the second time driving over the bridge during rush hour. It continues to be a major traffic artery for the metro area.

I am thankful the city has healed from such a devastating tragedy, but I know one thing....the evening the 35W bridge collapsed is an evening I will never forget.

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