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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Needed Change

Want to hear an interestingly sad statistic? The ratio of the American dollar to the Euro is the same ratio of Men’s vs Women’s pay scales, where for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes roughly $0.75.

Sure, men can work longer hours because most men who choose to have families are allowed to do so.

Sure, women who choose to have families tend to sacrifice time at the office because most women are expected to do so.

Is the professional input of a man's brainpower vs. a women's brainpower really different? I think all people have valuable input in business and in life, and I think it's bogus that corporate America boasts equal opportunity, but is a .25/dollar pay scale difference based upon a sexual organ REALLY equal?

I call BS.

For people out there who don't think the difference is a big deal, go to Europe and tell me you don't feel like it's expensive....after all, 25 cents per dollar spent really adds up.

Just sayin'.

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